Antikythera is a think tank reorienting planetary computation as a technological, philosophical, and geopolitical force.

Through interdisciplinary design studios, salons, and publications, Antikythera researches and develops speculative scenarios that build a philosophy of technology to catch up to the present. Antikythera is incubated by the Berggruen Institute, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization shaping ideas for the 21st century.

Future of Multipolar Computation

The shift toward multipolar geopolitics and the segmentation of planetary computation into hemispherical stacks not only track one another; they are the same phenomenon. 

As part of the Hemispherical Stacks research area, Antikythera is launching an interdisciplinary virtual working group comprised of 12–20 selected researchers who will meet monthly between May and December 2024 to think through key themes and work on potential near-term future scenarios that involve a number of issues related to planetary computation and geopolitics. 

Participants will include writers and researchers with expertise in technology, international relations, science-fiction, design, geopolitics, law, and any other relevant areas who will be evolving research and scenario development that takes the form of presentations, papers, and other media projects. Each working group participant will be supported with a research stipend. Outcomes may be included in one or more of Antikythera’s publication platforms with MIT Press.

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