Budget scenario template

A Google Sheet for running budget scenarios and basic cashflow forecasting.

It's meant to help early stage startups run some rough numbers on what their expenses are going to be, and how that relates to investment rounds.

This was originally developed by me at Full Stack for primarily Canadian startups, but isn't for any specific country or currency.

If you are a distributed team, it may make sense to treat everything in $USD.

The general expenses are "real" numbers in the sense that unless you have specific knowledge of costs, they are a good starting point and what you can expect to pay. e.g. $250 / month for a year of corporate accounting, and the same for year 1 legal, although legal is usually paid in lump sum fees1.

Google Sheet

Here is the Google Sheet version. Use the File ยป Make a copy command to make your own version to work with.

  1. I've been trying to convince Canadian law firms to implement recurring legal fees. If anyone knows of firms doing this, or wants to try it, I'd love to talk. I don't mean "legal as a service", just literally normalizing costs for year 1 / year 2. Most startup focused firms already flat rate and/or defer costs, this just gets startups used to budgeting for legal properly!ย โ†ฉ

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