Co Op cloud

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Co-op Cloud aims to make hosting libre software apps simple for small service providers such as tech co-operatives who are looking to standardise around an open, transparent and scalable infrastructure. It uses the latest container technologies and configurations are shared into the commons for the benefit of all.

The project was started by workers at Autonomic which is a worker-owned co-operative. We provide technologies and infrastructure to empower users to make a positive impact on the world. We're using Co-op Cloud in production, amongst other systems.

The core technologies of Co-op Cloud are libre software and enjoy wide adoption across software developer communities.

@boris commentary: it's unclear whether Docker swarm IS going to keep going. One of the sites they link to,, has a kubernetes won post. The awesome-swarm appears to continue to be updated.

Their FAQ has a really good section on comparing to other solutions, which I’m reproducing at Co-op Cloud Alternatives

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