Community search engines

Community Search Engines is the label for a set of approaches to interconnect communities.

These communities are formed by:

  • Events such as conferences
  • Digital spaces, such as a Discord server

These are often communities of interest, but can also considered to be trust relationships: if you are connected to a group of people you may extend trust to other recommendations they make.


Dark Forest and Cozy Web: communities are moving to cozy web spaces, and/or have need for members only content. The open internet has degraded search incentivized by click throughs to show ads, and commercial social platforms

Brazilianization of the Internet: forming communities, which can be considered a kind of commons, do exclude or make cozyweb spaces. Does this cause a kind of elitism, and/or further deteriorate public spaces?

How Algolia uses Electron to improve internal productivity: Iā€™m still inspired by this description of Algolia implementing company wide search across internal tools, with desktop integration. This should be a tool for organizations of all kinds.


I applied to SoP 2024 Application with some ideas around this that has some longer writing.

Part of community is "flow" (Stock and Flow) and Proto Apps is how I think social graphs / communities / flows of information form.

Open Social Protocols is what are part of the building blocks for all of this.


Lieu is an example of some code that helps build community search engines and webrings.

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