A developer platform for real-time voice and video.

Lets you build Zoom clones, 1000s of participants, recordings, etc.

Powers the Cal.com video.

I'm using my own Daily API key to power the video meetings in my self hosted Cal.com at cal.commonscomputer.com. This works great, but I can't use it for ad hoc events that aren't scheduled through Cal.

I made a quick Zap on Zapier that adds a Daily video room to a calendar event.

  1. Add the string (DailyCo Video) to a calendar event title. The Zap searches for events that match this string
  2. Daily creates a new room that starts when the event starts and ends when it's scheduled to be over
  3. Re-edit the event to add in the generated room link into location / description

Screenshot of Zapier

This doesn't totally seem to be working. Ideally, I'd like something like the Zoom for Google Calendar Extension but powered by my own Daily API key.

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