Daylight computer

Daylight is a computer hardware company whose first product is an e-ink tablet.


Om Malik wrote about Daylight A startup’s “tablet” gears up to take on Apple’s iPad.

This is one of the most talked about devices in Silicon Valley. It was created by Daylight Computer, a company started by Anjan Katta to solve his problem — he suffers from ADHD and wanted something that allowed him few distractions and allowed him to work with intent. The reason I am excited about that new tablet is because it is optimized around reading, writing, and productivity. This is very different from the tablets we have had so far.

What the company has created is a beautiful tablet — about the size of a normal iPad Air. It is just a “little less than white,” white, with a gorgeous screen. It is very simple, elegant, and lovely. It has an e-ink screen, and the matte monochrome paper-like display is optimized for reading, writing, and note-taking. It refreshes at 60 frames per second, a pretty big deal for e-ink displays. This is much less stressful on the eye and easy to use even in direct sunlight. It has 8 GB memory, about 128 GB in-built storage, an 8-core chip, microphones, speakers, and a powerful battery

Arum Venkatesan wrote a review Daylight at the end of the tunnel.

The challenge is no longer just about the tasks at hand, but how to structure our relationship with computers. The result has been a growing sense of discontent with how easily computing devices become distractions.

Tablets, including the iPad, have largely become consumption-oriented entertainment devices, rather than the revolutionary productivity tools many had envisioned. Addressing this reality requires a more holistic rethinking of the tablet form factor and user experience - something the Daylight Tablet aims to change.

One downside is that it does not support the Google Play store, which requires color screens.

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