How organizations are changing, by [[Simon Wardley]], May 24, 2021

Wardley revisits his 2011 analysis of traditional vs next gen organizational behaviours.

Whilst the table was welcome in some quarters, it was generally met with derision and comments of “this is just for startups”

This is more documenting emergent behaviours than pontificating on them:

…the future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed and hence this is an exercise in finding existing differences in corporate populations and not pontificating cause and effects through technology change to “discover” a future.

Traditional vs Next Generation Company Behaviours (2011)

Table of Traditional and Next Gen features

The Next "Next Generation" Company Behaviours (2021)

Traditional 2021

The traditional company is currently seeking a return to the office. It may talk of hybrid models of working but it has a bias in one direction.

Next Gen 2021

The next generation company is not seeking to return to the office but adapting to a more remote world. This form of remote working — in many cases enforced by the isolation economy — is now seen as the new norm.

If I had to label the emerging next gen, I'd say that NetworkedOrgs captures many of the behaviours.

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