Our networks



Our Networks is a community event about the past, present, and future of building network infrastructures. The event hosts keynotes, talks, and hands-on sessions on topics including: decentralized systems, peer-to-peer web, community networks, and new network communication and storage protocols. We have hosted five previous events since 2017.

Drawing on practices of local-first, solar-powered servers, folk software, and permacomputing, Our Networks 2024 explores what collaboration looks like when a network is optional. Looking at transitional technologies and forms of computing that break from always-on connectivity as we spend a day connecting over local networks.


Our Networks is a conference about the past, present, and future of building our own network infrastructures. The event brings together enthusiasts, hardware and software hackers, researchers, organizers and more to collectively explore creative and critical engagements with the Internet and alternative infrastructures.

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