PeARS (the People's Agent for Reciprocated Search) is a lightweight, decentralized search engine.

PeARS Federated

Decentralised PeARS. It allows admins to create mini search engines on topics of their choice, and invite contributors to crowdsource the content of the index. Search can happen on any of the managed PeARS instances. The alpha version of PeARS Federated is very close to being released, so keep an eye on it!

PeARS Lite

A search engine that you can run locally from your browser. It allows you to 'index' pages (i.e. to produce a computer-readable representation of the pages' content, essential to the search process), and to search pages that you or your friends have indexed. Search happens entirely on your machine, meaning that no one knows what you are searching and when. PeARS Lite is under continuous development and is meant to be integrated with Federated so that the work of data curation can benefit both local and instance users.

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