Pinokio is an AI browser that lets you install, run, and programmatically control ANY application, automatically.

Created by @cocktailpeanut

From the docs and learning site:

Pinokio is a browser that lets you locally install, run, and automate any AI on your computer. Everything you can run in your command line can be automated with Pinokio script, with a user-friendly UI.

You can use Pinokio to automate anything, including:

  1. Install AI apps and models
  2. Manage and Run AI apps
  3. Create workflows to orchestrate installed AI apps
  4. Run any command to automate things on your machine
  5. and more…


  1. Local: Everything gets installed and runs locally. None of your data is stored on someone else's server.
  2. Free: Pinokio is an open source application that is 100% free to use with no restriction. There is no one to pay for API access, since everything runs on your local machine. Play with AI as much as you want, for free forever.
  3. Private: You don't need to worry about submitting private data just to run AI, everything runs 100% privately on your own machine.
  4. User-friendly Interface: Pinokio provides a user-friendly GUI for running and automating anything that you would normally need to use the terminal for.
  5. Batteries Included: Pinokio is a self-contained system. You do not need to install any other program. Pinokio can automate anything, including program/library installations. The only program you need is Pinokio.
  6. Cross Platform: Pinokio works on ALL operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux).
  7. Save Storage and Resources: Pinokio has a lot of optimization features that will save you hundreds of gigabytes of disk space. Also, many other resource optimization features (such as memory) all possible with Pinokio.
  8. Expressive Scripting Language: Pinokio script is a powerful automation scripting language with features like memory, dynamic templating, and extensible low level APIs.
  9. Portable: Everything is stored under an isolated folder and everything exists as a file, which means you can easily back up everything or delete apps simply by deleting files.

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