At Z-Space for an afternoon of tinkering. I should be doing some more LOCALHOST setup and writing, but ended up working with the MiniPC PL63 here.

The Razor Core X Chroma stopped connecting, so I'm troubleshooting.

Along the way, I installed Obsidian so I could type these notes, and Github Desktop so I could sync the notes.

So, the Razor eGPU really should be plug and play (and was before). There are some drivers for MacOS (which is what I originally used it with, but it only supports Intel Macs), but really nothing for Windows.

I am going to attempt to install ASUS updated drivers. There is a Management Engine Interface (MEI) and Chipset update that could work.

Hmmm. Updated Thunderbolt drivers? All support for the Intel NUC devices are now with ASUS. This appears to be a 2023 thunderbolt driver.

The event logs say Thunderbolt isn't loading because of the Intel graphics driver. Ok, let's load an updated graphics driver from the MiniPC drivers.

"Something went wrong" when installing the Intel drivers. Hmm. Maybe I'm going to do a fun Windows re-install here?

I think I will Windows re-install. I don't think I'm going to use this to run Linux on, so may as well remove the drive partition too.

OK, and we're back! Did Windows update after first install. Seemingly the Razer is now recognized and even installed it's glowing light thing. I did blow away the Linux partition.

The reset also seems to have updated the BIOS as well.

May as well log my setup.

  • Setup Outlook – I haven't really used this, but one way to shuttle stuff back and forth
  • Uninstall McAfee
  • Github Desktop
  • Obsidian – so that I can type into here
  • AMD drivers – they did detect the graphics card in the eGPU
  • Steam

Now to learn about restore points now that I have all this stuff installed!