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Obsidian doesn't use Open Source Licensing. It's effectively a non-commercial license, labeled as "free for personal use":

Obsidian is free for personal and non-profit use. However, if you use Obsidian for work-related activities that generate revenue in a company with two or more people, you must purchase a commercial license for each user. Non-profit organizations are exempt from this requirement. https://obsidian.md/license

Later on, it clarifies that single users can use it under a no-charge license, even for work:

De Minimis Commercial Use License, for sole-proprietorships and single-person organizations

And finally, the Catalyst license is a one-time charge to support development, with early access and insider builds.



Obsidian just calls this embedding a file, and the syntax is putting an ! in front of regular linking. There’s a special syntax for naming lists.

My setup of Digital Garden Jekyll Template doesn’t currently render these embeds.

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