Note clips

Notes on making a cross-tool drag and drop capability.

What if you could open your Digital Garden / Second Brain / Spatial Canvas / Notes website in a browser, and open any other web page, and drag and drop content into your own site?

TiddlyWiki Drag and Drop

TiddlyWiki has had this as a built in functionality for a long time. Founder Jeremy Ruston demos it here:

This showcases two TiddlyWiki websites which are aware of the native “tiddler” format and so can import and drop in tiddler links within those systems.


An agreed upon JSON format with a subset of Markdown or similar.

  • URL source
  • link if the resource has a link
  • Author
  • Date clipped
  • Publish date
  • Title
  • “Note” / clipping body
  • Excerpt/ Description with known character limit. Suggestion: 300 to fit within ATProtocol microblogging lexicon

This might actually be relevant around Farcaster#Frames too — we should think about these things as social objects. Having OpenGraph header meta elements would be good when an entire page is being clipped.

Could ATProtocol Lexicon be a useful definition?


Can we make a format and some widget code that enables this for any website?

Git-based Static Sites

This website is built in the Digital Garden Jekyll Template with a bunch of my own mostly display customizations.

Since it’s stored in a git repo on GitHub, it might be possible to accept such a drag and drop and then send it as a PR or an issue where I could accept and merge it.


TiddlyWiki - can we make an adapter to accept TiddlyWiki and then transform it? A TW plugin could accept (or produce!) a new Note Clips format.


Obsidian - don’t know if Obsidian Publish has APIs? Would probably need to be done as a plugin which is slightly less fun than doing it between two web browser windows.

Subconscious - this is kind of perfect for Noosphere and we should also talk to them about their IPLD structures.

iOS / Android Share sheet format - what kind of structured data is possible with share sheets?


Ideally you’re clipping these notes and getting metadata that the source website is giving you, with some minimal set.

Quotebacks are a nice display format.

It would be nice to enable transclusion but that likely requires the source website to be running something as well.

A spatial canvas / node view might add something interactive. Kind of like my notes node view. This would be amazing if you could surf across websites

Webring vibes?

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