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Come for the Network, Pay for the Tool
Cobuying Property with Friends
Yes Code
How Algolia uses Electron to improve internal productivity

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2020 September: Dealing with Employees and Politics: A Response to Brian Armstrong #
2020 September: Democracy, Sovereignty, and the Throne Speech That Wasn’t #
2020 September: Fifth Generation Management #
2020 September: BVP Roadmap Open source #
2020 September: A Meta Layer for Notes #
2020 September: Platform Economies #
2020 July: Come for the Network, Pay for the Tool #
2020 May: Yes Code #
2020 April: When Tailwinds Vanish: The Internet in the 2020s #
2019 August: Sidecar funds, corporate vehicles, club deals - how do startup studios get financed? #

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