Boris map

I made a map called "Boris Starred" using Facilmap and changed the read-only link to

It has a Starred layer, and a FoodWiki layer.

I'd need to break those into two different maps if I wanted to give different people collaborative access to it.

The embedded map includes the location hash so it's centered around Vancouver.


January 13th, 2024

  • I used Google Takeout to export all of my Saved Places
  • It's an almost 1MB GeoJSON file which is 20K lines long
  • There were ~200 or so which had a location / GMaps query string, but said "no location information available" and the coordinates set to 0,0; I manually went through and deleted all those entries
  • Importing into Facilmap timed out with the full file
  • I manually split it into ~3500 line files, and imported them all
  • It does import! I have all my Starred (and I assume Want To Go, and Closed, and a bunch of public and private lists, which aren't labeled in the export) on the map
  • But! They're all labeled as "Point", rather than including the name of the thing I have starred


Default of this map is centered on the Vancouver area.

To Do

  • Export Google Stars and Import (Importย GPX, KML or GeoJSON files.)
  • Explore transforming Google Maps GeoJSON to Facilmap compatible (with names, etc)

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