FacilMap is a privacy-friendly, open-source versatile online map that combines different services based on OpenStreetMap

You can run your own NodeJS + MySQL or Postgres + socket.io server.


<iframe style="height: 500px; width: 100%; border: none;" src="https://facilmap.org/mymap"></iframe>

Grab the location hash to have it centered where you want.

Collaborative Maps


A collaborative map is a map that can be reached under its own unique URL. Users can add markers, lines, routes and various other things to the map, and if multiple people are working on it simultaneously, they all see each others’ changes instantly. Think of it like an Etherpad, just for maps.

Every collaborative map has 3 URLs, an admin URL, an editable URL and a read-only URL. Accessing the map through its different URLs will show the same map with the same data, but depending through which URL a user opened the map, they will have different permissions what to do with it. The URL of the map acts as the password to access it: Anyone who has the admin URL will have the ability to administrate the map.



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