An open-source & self-hostable Heroku / Netlify / Vercel alternative.

More PaaS-like, git push to deploy.

Backups to any S3-compatible storage.

Paid cloud version, pricing starts at $5/month

From github README:

The recommended way to use Coolify is to have one server for Coolify and one (or more) for the resources you are deploying. A server is around 4-5$/month.

By subscribing to the cloud version, you get the Coolify server for the same price, but with:

  • High-availability
  • Free email notifications
  • Better support
  • Less maintenance for you

Note: the pricing is gated on managing a number of other servers to deploy to: you have to “bring your own server”.

Build Packs Supported

Coolify uses Nixpacks as build pack by default. Nixpacks detect what kind of application are you trying to deploy and builds it accordingly.

  • Nixpacks
  • Dockerfile
  • Docker Image


See also: CapRover

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