Email clients

I’m a long time Missive user for work, and I’m looking for a new email client and/or new email workflows to adopt.

I host my email on a paid Google plan, but am exploring different options like self hosting with Cloudron, or picking a paid Fastmail account.

I’ll tag Freescout as a self-hosted tool I’m getting more experience with for shared inboxes.

As an individual user, Google works fine and lets me use Google account linked services.

For an organization / group / non-profit it immediately becomes quite expensive to run emails and calendaring. But that’s a longer discussion.

Below, some clients that I’m trying out.

  • I’d like to have an iOS native client
  • Needs to have great snooze support — send an email with a “snooze” reminder that puts it back in the inbox after 2 business days if no one has replied

Everything else is nice to have, but basically I’m picky about the look / feel.


I could stay with Missive, but a single user plan is also $14/user/month paid annually, and doesn't include integrations or rules.


Freemium plans but includes “Sent with Shortwave” for every email.

Paid plans are $7/user/month paid annually for personal inboxes ( or .edu), or $14/user/month paid annually for Google Workspace account support.

Has some AI features for search and compose.

Spark Mail

Has newer team / AI plans, but base price is free, or an individual annual price of $60 which seems reasonable.

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