Grist labs

Grist Labs is a software company. We care about software because it matters inordinately for today’s world — for productivity, communication, decision-making, human progress, and life pursuits.


Makers of Grist, they run a SaaS cloud service.

The free-forever plan:

  • Unlimited number of documents.
  • Up to 5,000 records per document.
  • Snapshot history goes back 30 days.
  • 100 AI Formula Assistant credits (one time)

Paid team pricing starts at $8/user/month


Below included from their very inspiring About page

Our software principles

  1. Software should be for the people: to enable and serve them, not limit and control.
  2. The security and privacy of software users are fundamental. They must not be for sale or treated as optional.
  3. Free and open source software provides the basic foundation of trust in embodying the above values.
  4. Quality of software is important, including functionality, reliability, usability, and performance.

Who we are

Grist Labs was founded in 2014 and has been self-funded ever since.

The company was started by brothers Dmitry and Stan Sagalovskiy. Dmitry previously co-founded Hudson River Trading in 2002 (a high-frequency trading firm, which still exists and is going strong), and New York Math Circle in 2008 (an educational non-profit, which still exists and is going strong).

In 2017, Paul Fitzpatrick joined Grist Labs as CTO. Paul co-founded Data Commons Cooperative in 2012 (a co-op of over 30 member organizations, which still exists and is going strong). He brought his own passion for democratic flows of data, and experience as the creator and maintainer of multiple popular open source data tools.

Grist Labs was founded shortly after mass surveillance disclosures exposed the vulnerability of even the most respected cloud services. The best remedy we knew was open source code, transparent security practices, and enabling users to use their own infrastructure.

Grist was originally envisioned as installable software with end-to-end encrypted sharing – software that users can trust. Users would have full control of data, and would not need to trust the cloud. A SaaS service, however, is simpler for users, easier to start with, and easier to share with others. That’s what we released.

Since then, we’ve open-sourced Grist and made it possible to run a Grist instance on your own infrastructure. We’ve been working on making Grist run everywhere. A version of Grist can now run on the desktop of every major OS.

The original vision of “software users can trust” has grown into the vision and values described on this page.

Grist Labs is headquartered in New York City, with a distributed team that spans half the globe: from Canada to South Africa, and from California to Poland. (Our users span the rest of the globe!) Read more about our team.

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