Open source, Apache licensed cloud spreadsheet. Not quite an Airtable clone, but similar capabilities. Some of the layout and linking makes it feel like Filemaker.

Grist is a modern relational spreadsheet. It combines the flexibility of a spreadsheet with the robustness of a database.

Grist is a hybrid database/spreadsheet, meaning that:

  • Columns work like they do in databases: they are named, and they hold one kind of data.
  • Columns can be filled by formula, spreadsheet-style, with automatic updates when referenced cells change.

There is a user-created packaging of Grist for Cloudron.

Grist essentials

  1. Relational database that’s easy to create and use by non-technical people.
  2. Data/view separation, for app-like functionality, easy to set up and use by non-technical people.
  3. Sharing and access controls that allow users to address complex real-world access requirements.
  4. Open source, for transparency and trust in the software’s promises, and freedom for technical users to improve it. Read more on this.
  5. Options to run self-managed, or on the desktop; reliance on a service provider is optional.
  6. Support for spreadsheet-like formulas, to extend use cases and empower users.
  7. Extensibility via APIs and other integration points.
  8. Data is portable, allowing lossless export in a well-supported format, and common export/import options.
  9. Comprehensive documentation and learning materials.
  10. High quality implementation, well-tested, with a focus on reliability and performance.

    Grist Labs

From Github README:

The grist-core repo is the heart of Grist, including the hosted services offered by Grist Labs, an NYC-based company 🇺🇸 and Grist's main developer. The French government agency ANCT Données et Territoires 🇫🇷 has also made significant contributions to the codebase.

I've captured more on the Grist Labs – a very inspiring team / company. They

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