Keynote html export

I recently used the Apple Keynote HTML export and it works pretty great! I haven't found a lot of information about this that isn't stale, so capturing a few notes.

See Open Source Beyond Licensing - The Evolution Ahead for an embedded iframe version, and here is the direct link to the html export.

The export is about 20MB, and is an index.html file and an assets folder, which has a folder for each slide. If you poke around, you can see that there's a PDF for each slide as well as some JSON, a thumbnail, and a few other things.

Here's a link to the assets folder uploaded to IPFS so you can have a look.

Keynote has had this feature for a long time, and apparently people complain about the quality or semantics about the HTML. I'm just delighted it "just works".


Keynote Extractor extracts really clean HTML, including slide notes. It exports straight images doesn't really do transitions or interactive presentations.

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