Open Source Beyond Licensing - The Evolution Ahead

Open source is no longer a radical act. From legal innovation to ways of working remotely and collaboratively, the past 20 years have integrated it as a common baseline.

Can we get maintainers paid, make open source a job, and work alongside new tools like AI?

What new licenses, ways of working, and principles power the next 20 years?

This ended up being perhaps a bit licensing heavy, but people seem to enjoy the material and learn a bit of history, emerging licenses, and so on.

Presented June 26th, 2024

Part of a mini open source series.


The presentation below is exported from Keynote and the links are clickable, but you can also explore the links I've mentioned directly:

Not included in the presentation, but Open Source is a restaurant is a useful related read on how think about paying for open source.

The concept of open source as a job is predicated on more global participation in software.

In discussion, I mentioned Situational Awareness set of essays as American propaganda, but important to understand for AI future directions.


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