Open source as a job

On the topic of sustainability in open source, what if being a maintainer meant being able to work full time on an open source codebase.

That means without having to be a consultancy, without having to sell future support hours. Your job is stewarding an open source code base - maintenance and updates, new features over time, documentation, community etc

For people based in the United States, having open source as a full time job means a comparatively very high salary need.

As an individual needing to pay for housing and healthcare, this will be $150K - $200KUSD annually.

TODO: grab links to discussion with Eleventy

From a global perspective, I think that this number will go down over time. Or rather, Iā€™d like to see more developers in the global south make money at all. The global north is better equipped / has more privilege to pursue commercial pursuits that can yield a higher return. For the global south, we should start by getting full time paid positions marked to their local markets.

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