Vancouver hack day

I’m organizing a couple hack days in Vancouver as part of the DWebYVR group.

What’s a hack day?

Not “hackathons” but rather learning about some new tech, working on experimenting with it hands on, or even just dedicating some time to working on a project of your own.

Definition of Hack

Hack has a long history of meaning a bunch of different things.

In the past, I’ve called myself a “web tinkerer”. I’m not a working software developer, but I know a lot about software and Internet systems. I also know how to tinker or hack at systems, look up error messages, change some source code, and so on.

Hack often means taking shortcuts or not doing this as intended. What’s a work around where you didn’t follow the expected path, but still got an outcome?

April 2024

Register: Sunday, April 7th, 2024, from 10am all day, Downtown Vancouver, Hamilton at E Pender.

Tech covered:

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July 2024

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