Going through some open tabs and made a bunch of updates. Now took myself to the coffee shop to work on some blog coding.

Custom Frames Support

I added Farcaster Frames support to the site, using just default settings similar to what is already inserted into page headers for OpenGraph.

Using the Ghost page as an example, I'm modifying the head template so that I can put in custom frame data per notes page.

  image: /assets/2024/ghost_logo_black.jpg
  image-aspect-ratio: "1:1"
    label: "Github"
    action: "link"
    target: https://github.com/TryGhost/Ghost
    label: "Home"
    action: "link"
    target: "https://ghost.org"

Obsidian doesn't support these kind of nested header properties, so I need to do it in source code view.

Yes, there would be some way to create this in a way that loops through a button array.

Canonical Link

I take notes on articles. I keep a local copy of the article and capture when it was published, who the author was, and usually clip some quotes and make some comments of my own.

I want people to go read the original! And I don't want to "steal" search traffic or attention from the original. In fact, I want to boost it! Reading Wikipedia on the canonical link, this not really what it's meant for.

Regardless, adding some header meta data. This is the part of thinking for Community Search Engines that has to happen.

Articles Page

Turns out I had an unfinished articles page! Fixed a couple of things with it, including getting year sorting done correctly. Design of it still needs a lot of work.

Code Page

Let's make a page with all the notes that have a code repository / git link! Here's code.

Oh fun, of course I have some people entries, and if I have their Github profile filled out, they'll show up on this page.

There aren't that many entries on here because I have more in the old Logseq notes with github and git properties.

And separately, I'd like to capture my 1.4K starred repos on Github. The "signal" of me adding a notes page is stronger than "merely" starring on Github, but it should at least contribute to a personal search index (which again leads into Community Search Engines too).

Excerpt for Journals

This is a very long journal post! My RSS automated cross posting with Fedica would attempt to turn this into a very very long set of threaded posts.

I'll add an excerpt field which will get used in the RSS feed if it excepts.

{% if post.excerpt %}
  {% assign description = post.excerpt %}
{% else %}
  {% assign description = post.content %}
{% endif %}