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I'm interested in Open Source, community, co-operative models. Pooling capital and collaboration. In Canada I help run the CoSocial Community Co-op. In Vancouver, I'm one of the organizers of DWebYVR. I like to cook & eat and have a FoodWiki.

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These are the ten most recently modified local notes: Webxdc, James Walker, Via, Siftrss, Self Hosting is selfish, Reverse vesting, Pooling capital and collaboration, P2panda, Open source as a job, Libra.re.

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Nick Gerakines talks about why he chose ATProtocol for Smoke Signal, his event and RSVP managemen... #

I'm continuing to re-publish some templates as I get asked about them. The Consulting Agreement T... #

Did a little Community Search Engines work today. This unstyled landing page is going to be the i... #

I had a great intro call this week with Kyle Briggs. He's based in Ottawa and has a background as... #

The FAAI is a working group of the OWTA "aimed at promoting the integration of federation feature... #

My personal Mastodon account is @boris@cosocial.ca. Journal items are cross-posted to @boris@toolsforthought.social. All of my social profiles are listed at bmann.ca.